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Five Travel Trends This Summer and Instagram's Latest Update to Promote Original Content

Five Travel Trends This Summer and Instagram's Latest Update to Promote Original Content

Welcome to this week's edition of your go-to hotel marketing roundup! Dive into the latest insights and strategies to elevate your property’s visibility and guest engagement:

  • Discover the top five travel trends for 2024 from Pinterest's detailed report.
  • Learn about Instagram's latest updates aimed at promoting original content.
  • Explore the potential impacts of TikTok's looming U.S. ban and how it's fighting back.
  • Plus, an actionable tip to enhance your video content!

The Pinterest Summer 2024 Travel Report came out recently, and reading through it provides some emerging trends that are shaping travel preferences and behaviors.

To summarize, it’s all about tapping into what travelers really want these days—more unique, personal experiences that aren’t your usual tourist traps.

Here are five trends that caught our eye:

  1. Wellness & Adventure: Everyone’s into feeling good and living it up with adventure. Think about hooking your guests up with some cool wellness retreats or wild activities like trekking and diving.
  2. Solo Zen Trips: More people are flying solo and digging quiet vibes. Maybe create some packages or offers designed for individual travelers and create those zen spaces where they can just be.
  3. Road Trips for Gen Z: The road trip craze isn’t slowing down, especially with the young crowd. Think about ways you can creatively reach this extended drive market.
  4. Deep Dive Experiences: People want to get real with local culture and nature. Make sure they can dive deep and really connect with your destination's true essence.
  5. Unplug & Chill: Digital detox is a big deal. Offer spots where guests can forget their phones and just enjoy the now.


Instagram Updates: Boosting Original Content, Reducing Visibility of Reposts

  • Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, announced the platform is set to prioritize original content with a series of significant updates.
  • The new changes will see reposted content in recommendations replaced by original posts, with a dedicated label linking back to the original creator.
  • Additionally, aggregator accounts that frequently share unoriginal content without any significant enhancements will be removed from recommendations. These measures are designed to encourage more authentic and unique content creation on Instagram.

Impact on Hotels & Resorts - The recent updates to Instagram's content policies could impact hotels and resorts that are not creating original, engaging content. We will need to see how this plays out, but this could impact user-generated content, which is commonly shared by hotels and resorts directly on their own News Feeds. Hotels and Resorts that consistently produce original content will likely see greater visibility and engagement on the platform, enhancing their ability to attract and interact with potential guests.

Meta Unveils Advanced AI Assistant

  • Meta has announced the launch of a new AI assistant powered by its latest large language model, LLaMA-3.
  • This advanced AI tool is designed to enhance user interactions across Meta's platforms by providing more accurate and contextually relevant responses.
  • Introducing this AI assistant marks a significant step in Meta's commitment to integrating cutting-edge AI technology to improve digital communication and engagement.

    Impact on Hotels & Resorts - While it's not there yet, introducing Meta's new AI assistant could eventually revolutionize the guest service experience for hotels and resorts. By integrating this advanced AI into their digital platforms, eventually, properties could offer real-time, personalized communication and support, enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiency.

TikTok Faces Potential U.S. Ban Amidst National Security Concern But Is Fighting Back

  • The future of TikTok in the U.S. hangs in the balance as President Joe Biden signs a $95 billion national security package, which includes provisions that could lead to a nationwide ban on the app.
  • The legislation mandates TikTok's Beijing-based parent company, ByteDance, to divest the app within 9–12 months or face prohibition.
  • In response, TikTok has initiated a legal challenge against the ban, labeling it as unconstitutional and underscoring the billions invested in safeguarding U.S. user data and maintaining the platform's integrity.

Impact on Hotels & Resorts - The potential TikTok ban in the U.S. prompts hotels and resorts actively using the platform for organic or paid marketing to consider their next steps carefully. While it may be wise to continue current campaigns on TikTok until there is more clarity on the situation, it's crucial to start planning for possible alternatives. Hotels should think about bolstering their presence on other platforms like Instagram or exploring options such as YouTube, particularly YouTube Shorts.

A hot new trend from TikTok is catching eyes and inspiring travelers worldwide – and it's all about the magic of the journey! 

What's the Trend?

This engaging trend involves creators starting a video at the airport, playfully jumping into their phones, and then, as if by magic, landing straight into their vacation spots. It's a clever mix of fun, travel, and technology that grabs attention instantly. Check it out on TikTok.

Why It Works?

This trend appeals to viewers because of its imaginative portrayal of transitions—a metaphor for how easily one can leap from the mundane to the magnificent. It’s quick, catchy, and, most importantly, a viewer’s delight.

How Can Hotels + Resorts Leverage This?

For hotel marketers, this trend is a goldmine. It showcases a hotel as the 'magical destination' where guests can ‘land’ with ease. You can also use this trend to transport your viewers from your plush lobbies to the stunning local attractions nearby. These clips can effectively highlight the ease of access to breathtaking experiences around a property.

💡 TIP OF THE WEEK - Enhance Your Hotel Video Content with Smart Frame Rate Adjustments

I know... what's a "frame rate adjustment," right?

Basically, if you wanna step up your hotel's video game using just your phone, here is a tip:

  • For those basic videos like guest interviews or a quick hotel tour, stick to 24 or 30 frames per second to keep things looking sharp and sleek.
  • But if you’re going all out with some cool slow-mo shots of your amenities—like catching that smooth wave in your pool—bump it up to 60 frames per second. This way, everything looks super smooth and totally grabs the vibe you’re going for. Give it a shot!


Meta's Threads is now beating X (formerly known as Twitter) in daily active users in the U.S. market. For April, Threads had over 28 million daily active users compared to 22 million for X. (source: Apptopia)