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Tips for Successful Influencer Collaborations and Is Instagram Phasing Out Followers?

Discover essential tips for hotels on building successful influencer collaborations without burning bridges, and learn about Instagram's potential shift away from follower counts. Get the latest insights and trends in hotel marketing in this week's newsletter.
Tips for Successful Influencer Collaborations and Is Instagram Phasing Out Followers?

Welcome to this week's edition of Smart Hotel Marketing. Dive into the latest trends and insights that can help elevate your hotel's marketing strategy and stay ahead in the competitive hospitality landscape.

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  • 🚨 10 Essential Tips for Hotels Working with Influencers
  • 🚀 What Instagram is Saying to Boost Your Reach
  • 🤔 Why Followers Don't Matter... When it comes to Instagram Reels
  • 🔥 Trend of the Week: "Look at this... It's Perfect!"
  • 💡 Tip of the Week: Time-lapse Videos


67% of US social media users are at least somewhat likely to research products on social media platforms before making a purchase (source: IZEA March 2024)


Influencers are growing increasingly frustrated with shady brand deals, including unreasonable deadlines, pressure to make false claims, and inadequate monetary compensation.

With more marketers planning to leverage influencers, these issues highlight the need for brands to step up their game.

Understanding and addressing these concerns is crucial for hotels and resorts. Here are essential tips for effectively partnering with influencers.

"Getting ‘paid in exposure’ doesn’t pay the bills"
  1. Offer Fair Compensation: Provide monetary payment, not just room stays or F&B credit, to ensure high-quality content and commitment.
  2. Set Clear Boundaries: Agree on realistic deadlines and allow flexibility for personal emergencies.
  3. Prioritize Authenticity: Encourage influencers to integrate your product naturally into their content without making false claims.
  4. Ensure Transparency: Always disclose sponsored content to maintain trust and comply with FTC guidelines.
  5. Respect Intellectual Property: Obtain permission before using influencers' content on your channels. Also, make sure you have a conversation with the influencer about not using copyrighted music.
  6. Prompt Payment: Ensure timely compensation to build strong, lasting partnerships.
  7. Maintain Open Communication: Regularly check in with influencers and address any concerns promptly.
  8. Provide Detailed Briefs: Give clear guidelines and expectations for the content to align with your brand.
  9. Build Long-Term Relationships: Foster ongoing partnerships rather than one-off deals to build trust and consistency.
  10. Respect Creative Freedom: Allow influencers to create content in their unique style, which resonates more with their audience.



  • Post share rates on Instagram are now more critical for reach than watch time or like and comment counts, according to IG chief Adam Mosseri.
  • The shift in the algorithm emphasizes content that encourages users to share posts, reflecting a move towards facilitating connections over creativity.
  • Social platforms, including Instagram, are focusing on entertainment value and emotional response to drive higher engagement and shares.

Impact on Hotels & Resorts — Instagram’s algorithm now prioritizes share rates, making shareable content essential for hotels and resorts. Focus on unique experiences, beautiful visuals, and exclusive offers that people will want to share. This strategy will help attract more potential guests. When creating content, ask yourself, “Would I share this with my friends?”


  • Last week, we teased this information, disclosed at a Creator event in NYC with Instagram. Now, they have officially confirmed the news on the official Instagram for Business account.
  • Previously, REELS were ranked by how many followers you had. Now, Instagram will update its algorithm to allow all REELS to break through in distribution, regardless of size or following.

Impact on Hotels and Resorts — The bottom line is that your Followers don't matter for the reach of your video content on Instagram. It's all about creating compelling and engaging video content. Remember, people want to be entertained, informed, or inspired.


  • TikTok launches AI-powered Ad Tools for easy ad creation and management
  • Google introduced new AI features. Including AI integrated into Google Workspace and AI Overviews in Google Search that will provide summaries before traditional search results.

Impact on Hotels & Resorts — Embracing AI is crucial for staying competitive. While OpenAI led the way, AI is now integrated everywhere. Hotels that incorporate AI into operations, guest services, and marketing will gain a significant advantage over those that do not.

This week, we’re highlighting a viral TikTok sound that’s making waves across social media. The trending sound clip features Kris Jenner saying, "Look at this," followed by her friend excitedly exclaiming, "Ah, it’s perfect!" Creators are using this sound to highlight new purchases, fantastic finds, delicious meals, and more. You can check out an example here: TikTok Video.

What's the Trend?

The sound is being used to show off something delightful or impressive. The combination of Kris Jenner’s phrase and the enthusiastic reaction makes for an engaging and upbeat reveal. It's the perfect way to show viewers something special and get them excited about it.

Why It Works?

This trend leverages the power of enthusiastic endorsements. It’s short, sweet, and provides a burst of positivity that can captivate viewers. The charm of this sound lies in its simplicity and the genuine excitement it conveys, making whatever is being showcased feel extra special.

How Can Hotels + Resorts Leverage This?

Hotels can join in on the fun by using this sound to highlight the best features of their properties. 

Here are a few ideas:

  • New Menu Items: Use the sound to introduce a new dish or drink at your hotel’s restaurant or bar.
  • Breathtaking Views: Show a clip of the stunning view from a guest room, the pool area, or any other picturesque spot around the hotel.
  • Exclusive Amenities: Use the trend to showcase your luxurious spa, rooftop lounge, or newly renovated suites.

These types of content generate excitement and showcase why your hotel is the perfect choice for potential guests.

💡 TIP OF THE WEEK - Create Time-Lapse Videos

Create captivating time-lapse videos to highlight the exterior of your hotel or local attractions, especially with dynamic elements like passing clouds. Ensure a steady shot by using a tripod or keeping your camera stable. These videos offer a unique perspective and can draw viewers' attention to the beauty and atmosphere of your location, enhancing your social media presence.


  • Some of the team enjoyed a cozy setup of milk and cookies while reading "Good Night Boston" during a content visit to one of our Boston hotels.
  • Catch a sneak peek of Ashton and Lauren's weekend in St. Croix, USVI, where they crafted stunning, sun-soaked content for our hotel partner! 📸☀️