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Why Creative Content and Reels Matter for Hotels

Discover how creative content can elevate your hotel's marketing and why Instagram recommends more Reels. Get insights on trends, hashtags, and social media management tips for better engagement.
Why Creative Content and Reels Matter for Hotels

Welcome to this week's edition of Smart Hotel Marketing. Dive into the latest trends and insights that can help elevate your hotel's marketing strategy and stay ahead in the competitive hospitality landscape.

In today's newsletter:

  • 🚀 The Impact of Creative Content
  • 🎥 Why Instagram says you need to create more Reels
  • ❓ Are #hashtags on the outs?
  • 🧩 Meta's Threads just got easier for hotels to manage
  • ✨ TIP: Clean your Smartphone Camera Lens
  • 🔥 TRENDING - "Only Grab the Important Things"


Pinterest users scroll 1.5 times more slowly past ads compared to other platforms. (source: Pinterest, June 2024)

🚀 The Impact of Creative Content: Insights from TikTok to Drive Business Growth

In a recent collaboration, Ipsos and TikTok unveiled a comprehensive whitepaper on how creative content drives business results. Their research highlights the critical role of empathy, resonance, and varied content in today’s marketing landscape.

While the report is meant for TikTok's audience, the principles certainly hold true for other platforms as well (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc).

Brands that effectively utilize empathy in their marketing strategies can create content that deeply connects with their audience. TikTok’s unique platform fosters this connection by encouraging creative and relatable storytelling, making it a powerful tool for advertisers.

Biggest Takeaways:

  • Empathy in Marketing: Content that understands and reflects viewers' needs builds stronger connections.
  • Leveraging Resonance: On TikTok, content that strikes a chord with viewers is more likely to inspire action, making resonance a key factor in successful campaigns.
  • Diverse Content: Utilize a mix of engaging, educational, and relatable content, leveraging both organic and paid strategies to maximize impact.


Want to Grow Your Hotel's Instagram? Create more Reels

  • Instagram recommends creating engaging Reels as the best way to grow and reach new audiences, although it’s not the only method.
  • The key is creating engaging content. More engagement leads to reaching more people, and reaching more people increases your chances of growing on Instagram.

Impact on Hotels and Resorts — Creating engaging Reels can significantly increase visibility and attract new guests. By showcasing unique experiences and amenities through dynamic video content, hotels can reach a broader audience.

Instagram Confirms that #Hashtags Will Not Help Your Hotel Get More Video Views

  • Head of Instagram, Adam Mosseri, shared in a conversation with creator, Marques Brownlee, that using hashtags won't help your video get more views.
  • While hashtags aid discoverability and remain searchable on Instagram, they do not affect the algorithm to increase your video's views.

Impact on Hotels and Resorts — While hashtags can help potential guests find your content, they won't boost your video's views through the Instagram algorithm. Focus on creating engaging and high-quality videos to attract more viewers.

Meta launches Threads API for Developers

  • Meta has released the Threads API, enabling developers to integrate Threads features into their applications.
  • The API allows for creating, managing, and viewing threads, as well as advanced analytics and moderation tools.

Impact on Hotels and Resorts — For hotels that want to use Threads as part of their social media strategy, the API access will now allow them to easily manage the social network from third-party tools (e.g., Sprinklr, Sprout Social, AgoraPulse, etc.).

This week, we are featuring a TikTok trend where users post videos of team members running out of the office in slow motion, with the caption "Guys! The office is on fire! Only grab the important things!" As each team member runs, text displays their "most important item," often silly objects like "the company credit card" or "the office coffee machine." Check out an example here: TikTok Video.

What's the Trend?

The trend involves a playful scenario where each team member showcases what they would grab in an emergency, emphasizing their personal favorite or quirky item. The slow-motion effect combined with humorous text makes these videos entertaining and shareable.

Why It Works?

This trend is relatable and showcases team personality, resonating with viewers because it encourages creative participation. The humor and creativity in depicting "important items" make these videos engaging and memorable.

How Can Hotels + Resorts Leverage This?

Hotels can creatively adopt this trend to highlight standout features of their property and the unique aspects that their staff love. Here are a few ideas:

  • Signature Dishes: Film hotel staff running out of the property with the caption "Guys! The hotel is on fire! Only grab the important things!" and show them clutching the hotel restaurant’s signature dish or cocktail.
  • Luxurious Bedding: Show staff dramatically carrying out bedding from your hotel's comfortable beds, with text like "the comfiest pillows in the world."
  • Exclusive Amenities: Feature staff running with items like spa products, a star staff member, or poolside drinks, highlighted as "must-save items.”

This type of content will not only entertain your audience but also subtly emphasize the unique offerings of your hotel.

💡 TIP OF THE WEEK: Clean Your Smartphone Camera Lens!

Daniel Curran, a photographer/videographer here at Casual Fridays, has a simple but often-forgotten tip for all you smartphone content creators: clean your camera lens!

Smartphones spend most of their time in our pockets, so lenses can easily get dirty and smudged. Before you snap your next photo or video, take a moment to wipe down your camera lens.

This small step can make a huge difference in the clarity and quality of your content. Keep it clean for crystal-clear shots! 📸✨


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